Mark Victor Bautista

Mark Victor Bautista

Mark Victor Cabili Bautista is the man behind the DDI Group. He insists he is not an artist, but a designer, a tinkerer, researcher, problem-solver, and builder who has become an expert manager of time, workflow and materials.

As a child, Mark was avidly curious about mechanical objects and their inner workings. He loved to sketch cars, houses, and fighter jets. Toys were to be picked apart to figure out their engineering. When he didn’t have any more to play with, he made his own out of whatever materials were available to him.

Mark’s design process starts with defining the problem, focusing on a solution, and then perfecting it by tinkering and testing through trial-and-error. His design solutions grow out of his “less is more” philosophy. For him, form follows function; objects must be simple enough to be easily understood and must conform comfortably to human needs and interactions. His research includes studying human behavior, especially the interaction with and usage of objects. His many interests, curiosities and inclinations enable Mark to apply his problem-solving and design skills to diverse fields – transportation, science, electronics, technological systems, space design, service design, fixtures, ergonomics, fabrication, store system solutions and many more.

Today, he has his hands full working on personal design projects, like the Sky Jeepney, a double-deck air-conditioned jeep which he envisions as tourist transportation. He runs three companies: Design Development Industries, which designs and fabricates checkout counters, transportation solutions and everyday products; MVCB Industrial Design, which he set up specifically to serve the design and fabrication needs of the Mind Museum, and now creates exhibits, interactive sculptures, and product designs for multiple clients; And MMSJ, which focuses on the maintenance of the Mind Museum’s exhibits.




Grade 1 to 3 St. Paul’s University, Tuguegarao, Cagayan 1969 to 1972

Grade 3 to 6 Tuguegarao East Central Elementary School 1972 to 1975

High School:

St. Louis University Tuguegarao 1975 to 1979


University of Santo Tomas College of Architecture and Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design 1979 to 1983



Seminars, Design Presentations, Exhibitions & Museums Visited


Third Asian Design Week

Osaka, Japan September 1993


Seminar on Product Development and Design

Sponsored by the Asian Productivity Organization

Taipei, Taiwan November 1995


Johnson & Johnson Design Presentation

Reach Powerbrush

London, England July 1998


Johnson & Johnson Design Presentation

Reach Powerbrush

Tokyo, Japan November 1998


Johnson & Johnson Design Presentation

Reach Powerbrush

Tokyo, Japan December 1998


Design Meeting

KAIST Seoul, Korea January 2000


New York International Auto Show

New York City April 2001


Intellectual Property and Design Management Seminar

AOTS Yokohama Kenshu Center

Yokohama, Japan Feb 3-17 2009


New York International Auto Show

New York City April 2009


Tokyo International Motor Show

Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan Dec. 2013


Plant Visits

Mercedes Benz Main Facilities

Sindelfigen, Stuttgard, Germany 2005


Ecokimera Factory, Osaka Japan 2006


Keiba Tools Factory, Niigata Japan 2009


Seminars & Conventions

ASPAC 2012 Singapore

IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo, Hong Kong 2013

TEA Summit, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California April 2014